Enrich Your Soil

The Key To A Beautiful Lawn

The most important key to a beautiful, healthy green lawn lies hidden just below the surface. Often ignored and abused, the soil itself plays an important role in the success or failure of the lawn it supports. A fertile, live soil will take the frustration out of maintaining a great lawn and will decrease the amount of time you put into it.

Soil compaction is a major problem with Northwest lawns today. Compacted soil prevents water and fertilizer from reaching the root zone and results in moss or weed invasion and a weak lawn with a general poor appearance….the usual regimen of more water, more fertilizer and more herbicide will not solve the problem.

Dead soil is another major problem with lawns. Improper lawn care practices such as cutting lawns too short and not leaving the clippings have contributed to dead soil which is devoid of humus and microbiotic activity. Try growing your vegetable garden under those conditions. Now you’re getting the picture! Bring the dead soil back to life and your rewards will be lower maintenance and an attractive green lawn that enhances the environment.

Step #1: Core-aeration.

Core-aeration is to lawns what rototilling is to vegetable gardens. It is the only method to effectively improve your lawn’s soil without destroying the grass. Holes, created by core-aeration, provide easy access to the root zone and provide the opportunity to make the soil more ‘lawn friendly’.

Step #2: Backfill the holes with organic fertilizer, lime and Turface Soil Modifier.

The organic fertilizer will provide long-term nutrition for the lawn, as well as stimulate the growth of micro- organisms, necessary for healthy plant growth. Nutrients remain in the root zone longer when the soil contains organic matter. The most important step following core-aeration is to top-dress the lawn with Turface Soil Modifier. Turface is a soil amendment made from porous ceramic which creates permanent pore space in the soil. It won’t compact. Within these new pore spaces, roots grow, air, water and nutrients are stored, and microbes live inside the tiny porous granules.

These two steps will put life back into your soil, allowing your lawn to thrive and look beautiful without the usual frustrations. Remember to treat your lawn as you would your vegetable garden, with yearly soil enrichment from organic fertilizers and soil modifiers made possible through core-aeration.