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Butterfly Milkweed

Milkweed flowers are known butterfly and moth attractors.  Our Butterfly Milkweed, A...

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Native Showy Milkweed

Our Pacific Northwest Native Showy Milkweed, Asclepias speciosa, is sourced in Orego...

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PT 650 Meadow Wildflower Mix

PT 650 is made up of 29 species and approximately 60% annuals and 40% perennials. Th...

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PT 652 Portland/Pacific Northwest Wildflowers

You may have seen these around the City of Portland. City road crews use this mix al...

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PT 654 Deer Resistant Wildflower Mix

A mix of flowers that deer tend to not want to eat. This mix may include:  White Yar...

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PT 656 Annual Cut Flower Mix

PT 656 flowers are considered annuals but many will re-seed readily for a continuati...

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PT 658 Perennial Wildflower Mix

Worth the wait! This collection of wildflowers returns year after year. This mix may...

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PT 660 Low Profile Wildflower Mix

Shorter in overall height, this mix has been a favorite of the City of Portland for...

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PT 662 Partial Shade Wildflower Mix

  Application rate: 1 oz per 375 sq ft * 1 lb per 6000 sq ft * 5-8 lbs per acre

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