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Wild Flowers

Blossoming Interest
Wildflower plantings are becoming increasingly popular as a choice for many types of projects, from the low maintenance area along a highway bank to the boarders surrounding a home garden.

Great Look, Great Value
The aesthetic value of the wildflowers is surpassed only by their value in lower maintenance costs; providing fantastic burst of color almost any place you would desire.

Pro Time 450 Meadow Bouquet Wildflower Mix

A big mix of perennials and annuals, with the addition of many varieties suitable fo...

Details $20.95

Pro Time 454 Deer Resistant Wildflower Mix

 A mix of flowers that deer tend to not want to eat. This mix may include:  White...

Details $20.95

Pro Time 456 Annual Wildflower

Just the ticket for that explosion of color you seek. While these flowers have a one...

Details $15.00

Pro Time 458 Perennial Wildflower Mix

Worth the wait! This collection of wildflowers returns year after year. This mix ma...

Details $21.00

Pro Time 460 Low Profile Wildflower Mix

Shorter in overall height, this mix is another favorite of the City of Portland road...

Details $19.00