• PT 656 Annual Cut Wildflower Mix
  • PT 656 Annual Cut Wildflower Mix

PT 656 Annual Cut Wildflower Mix

This mix is made up of 25 annual flower species that bloom profusely and last longer after cutting than other species.

Mix Includes:
Bachelor Button - Centaurea Cyanus
Baby’s Breath - Gypsophila elegans
Chinese Forget Me Not - Cynoglossum firmament
Calendula - Calendula officinalis
Zinnia - Zinnia elegans
Cosmos Mix - Cosmos bipinnatus
Marigold Mix - Tagetes erecta
Godetia - Clarkia amoena
Black Eyed Susan - Rudbeckia hirta
Rocket Larkspur - Delphinium ajacis
Love In A Mist - Nigella damascena
Corn Poppy - Papaver rhoeas
Clarkia - Clarkia elegans
Plains Coreopsis - Coreopsis tinctoria
Drummond’s Phlox - Phlox drummondii
Sunflower Sungold - Helianthus sungold
Indian Blanket - Gaillardia pulchella
Tricolor Bird’s Eyes - Gilia
Strawflower - Helichrysum spps.
Tricolor Daisy - Chrysanthemum carinatum
Pampas Plume - Celosia plumosa
Sweet Sultan - Centarea moschata
Mignonette - Reseda odoratus
Visnaga - Ammi visnaga
China Pink - Dianthus chinensis

Application Rate: 14 lbs per acre or 1 lb per 3200 square feet or 1 oz per 200 square feet


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