PT 499 Clean Water Services Native Wet Area Mix

For swale and biofilter bottoms that will be inundated with runoff during the rainy season. Vegetation slows the flow of water allowing sediments to settle out. Provides a valuable food source and habitat for birds, reptiles and amphibians. Specified by Clean Water Services of Oregon, a leading water resource management utility.

Mix Includes:
Slough Sedge - Carex obnupta
Small Fruited Bulrush - Scirpus microcarpus
Dense Sedge - Carex densa
Creeping Spikerush - Elocharis palustris
Spreading Rush - Juncus patens

Application Rate: 1 lb per 4000 square feet or 5-10 lbs per acre

Please contact us for trade/volume pricing and availability.

Priced by the pound.