• PT 710 Flowering Xeriscape Mix
  • PT 710 Flowering Xeriscape Mix

PT 710 Flowering Xeriscape Mix

Combines the low-growing green cover of our PT 705 Xeriscape Mix with colorful wildflowers to provide an aesthetically pleasing ground cover for soil stabilization or low maintenance areas.

From unmowed highway banks to the casual meadow to ecology lawns, this mix provides green cover year-round without supplemental irrigation and with the added bonus of color (white, pink, orange, blue). The wildflowers also attract pollinators. Meant to be a 'no mow' for maximum bloom. General grow height 18 inches with lupine and daisies reaching 42 inches. 

Xeriscaping refers to the practice of selecting plants that reduce the need for supplemental irrigation.

Mix Includes:
Perennial Ryegrass - Lolium perenne
Hard Fescue - Festuca ovina duriuscula
Quatro Tetraploid Sheep Fescue - Festuca ovina
White Yarrow - Achillea millefolium
Dutch White Clover - Trifolium repens
Perennial Lupine - Lupinus perennis
Strawberry Clover - Trifolium fragiferum
California Poppy - Eschscholzia californica
Sweet Alyssum - Lobularia maritima
Shasta Daisy - Chrysanthemum maximum
Godetia - Clarkia amoena

Application Rate: 2 lbs per 1000 sq ft or 80 lbs per acre

Zones: best in cool season and transition grass zones



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