PT 650 Meadow Wildflower Mix

A big mix of perennials and annuals, with the addition of many varieties suitable for cutting.

We’ve also added several late season bloomers to really get the most of this mix. Great colors you can enjoy all the way from spring to fall.

This mix may include:
*Shirley poppy
*Clasping coneflower
*Desert bluebells
*Bachelor button
*Spurred snapdragon
*Blue flax
*Mixed asters
*Sweet william
*Painted daisy
*California poppy
*Chinese houses
*Dame’s rocket
Gold yarrow
*Purple coneflower
*Gallardia, catchfly
*Bird’s eyes
*Sweet alyssum
*African daisy
*Scarlet flax
*Single baby’s breath

Application Rate: 1 oz per 250 sq ft

1 lb per 4000 sq ft

10 lbs per acre

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