• Professional Soil Modifier - 40 lbs
  • Professional Soil Modifier - 40 lbs

Professional Soil Modifier - 40 lbs

The best solution for lawns with compacted and heavy clay soils for deeper root growth and resistance to drought; in sandy soils, it absorbs water and captures fertilizer nutrients that otherwise would be lost. It also works great in garden beds, potted plants and hanging baskets. Used by professional growers for high-value crops like tomatoes, orchids, cannabis and bonsai plants.

Benefits of Profile® Professional Soil Modifier:
* Improves any soil structure by holding water and oxygen in a nearly perfect 50/50 balance
* Stores nutrients, reduces leaching and holds 93% of its weight in water
* Permanently works in the soil and won't break down. 100% natural.
* Replaces other soil amendments such as peat, perlite, vermiculite and expanded shale.
* Zeolite is added to further enhance nutrient holding capacity.
* Increases oxygen in the root zone, promoting deep rooting while creating a water reservoir.

* Lawn renovation: Apply 1 bag per 200-300 square feet by raking into aeration holes
* Lawn installation: Apply 1 bag per 100-200 square feet by rototilling into top 2-3" of topsoil
* Containers: Use a minimum of 20% Soil Modifier by volume in the growing mix
* Garden beds: Spread to 1" on top of soil; shovel or rototill into soil 4" deep. Ten pounds conditions 5 sq ft.
* Trees and shrubs: Dig hole at least twice as wide as root ball and only as deep. Pour Soil Modifier 1" deep into bottom of hole. Mix 1 part Soil Modifier with 4 parts soil. Plant as directed. Backfill with mixture and water.

* Sold in 40 pound bags