Spot Repairs

When the whole lawn doesn’t need renovating and problems are somewhat localized, spot repairs can be effective. Seed-to-soil contact is the key in spot repairing your lawn.

Remove any offensive weeds using the method of your choice. Fill in the void spots with Pro Time Lawn Seed to be sure that weeds don’t return to fill in. You CAN choose what grows in your lawn!

In areas where moss in the lawn is predominant, control the moss first with a product that contains ferous ammonium sulfate (iron). Then, remove the dead moss by raking or dethatching. Moss will return if the lawn is thin, so overseeding with Pro Time Lawn seed is essential for complete recovery. (If moss persists from year to year, consider supplementing soil with Profile Soil Conditioner, a porous ceramic that allows water, air and nutrients to be held at the root level.)

Broadcast a starter fertilizer and overseed with Pro Time Lawn Seed at the rate noted on the package. Cover the seed with Grass Straw Mulch, spreading a 1/8" layer with a mulch roller or by hand for smaller areas. Keep the area moist, but without puddles, until the new lawn is established. Once roots of new plants have established, keep the new grasses growing thickly by fertilizing with a slow-release, organic fertilizer.