Will this mix/seed grow in my zone?

USDA plant hardiness zones are not especially helpful when talking about grasses and lawns. With the exception of our Pacific Northwest native seed mixes, most of the products on this site will be successful everywhere in the US and Canada where cool season and transition zone grasses grow. 


When is the best time to plant?

Both spring and fall are great for planting. Spring planting begins when soil (not air) temperatures have returned to 50 degrees or warmer. When planting in fall, seed should be on the ground well in advance of the first hard frost in your area. For traditional turf grass lawns, 4 to 6 weeks is adequate. Ecology lawns take longer to establish and should be seeded about 8 weeks before the first expected hard frost. Summer is a fine time to plant, but please know you may need more water to establish.

How should I water to establish a seed mix?

Water lightly and frequently to prevent top of soil from drying out as the seeds germinate. When wildflower seedlings are about 1 inch tall or grass seedlings have 3 to 5 blades per sprout, reduce the frequency of waterings to 2 or 3 times weekly. Increase water per application to achieve greater soaking depths for development of healthy root systems. Reduce frequency of waterings over time as plants become established. If relying on natural rainfall for your planting, then plant in early spring or fall for greatest chance of success. If inadequate rainfall is received following seed germination, irrigation may be needed to ensure seedling survival.

What is an ecology lawn?

An ecology lawn (aka ecolawn, eco-lawn) is one that includes species other than just grasses such as clovers, flowers and other forbs. Clovers naturally fix nitrogen in the soil, feeding themselves and their companions so that ongoing fertilizer applications are not necessary. Ecology lawns are also more drought-tolerant and disease-resistant than conventional, grass-only lawns. Once established, ecology lawns stay green even during long, dry periods. Pro Time Lawn Seed specializes in these low-input, low-maintenance lawn mix alternatives for residential, commercial and public greenspaces. Visit "Ecology & Alternative Lawns" under Categories.

Do your lawns attract bees?

Some of our ecology and alternative lawns do attract pollinators. This contribution to the health of bees, butterflies, birds and other animals is one of many attributes that make these mixes so popular. If flowering clovers bother you at certain times of year, then we suggest mowing shorter than usual to clip off the flower blooms. 

How much seed do I need?

Every mix is different. Application rates for each product are included in the descriptions on our website. Note that ecology lawns require less seed per square foot than conventional turf grass lawns; heavier than recommended applications may impede successful establishment of clovers, flowers and other forbs.

Will your seed mixes work in shade?

We consider an area full sun when it gets four or more hours of sunshine throughout the day. We do have seed mixes suitable for sites with less than four hours of sun, so please see our drop down menu for Shop By - Shade Tolerance for a complete list. For those heavily shaded areas where grasses are thin, consider adding PT 313 Super Shade Supplement. Note that all of our products grow well in the sun.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, we ship to Canada via the United States Postal Service/Canada Post. Current international first class package (flat) rates are as follows:
Up to 1.5 pounds of seed- $15.50 USD
Up to 2.5 pounds of seed- $24.50 USD
Up to 3.5 pounds of seed- $36.50 USD
Note that packages may also be subject to Canadian taxes and fees. Please call us to place your order (800-345-3295).

Do you offer trade discounts?

Yes, we offer trade discounts on most products. Please click here for details.

Are any of your products genetically modified?

No. All of our products are non-GMO.

Do any of your products contain neonicotinoids?

No. All of our products are neonicotinoid-free.

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