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Pro Time Lawn Seed
1712 SE Ankeny St
Portland, OR 97214
Ph: 503.239.7518

Current off-season hours: Mon - Fri 9:00am - 4:00pm

*Please email/call for an appointment outside of these hours.


Directions to our store

Our Portland, Oregon, store is just seventy miles north of the “Grass Seed Capital of the World”-- Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley. We’re located in the heart of Portland’s friendly (and funky) near east side. Parking is available in our bay and in a reserved street spot out front. 

In addition to our eco-lawn, traditional grass seed and wildflower seed mixes, we also sell soil amendments and fertilizers that we do not sell online.

Pro Time Grass Straw Mulch

The top dressing of choice – organic, biodegradable, and an Oregon product. A by-product of the grass seed industry, this mulch is weed-free, holds moisture and protects new seed plantings. Full and half bales available; one full bale covers 1000 square feet.

Profile Soil Modifier/Turface® 

Profile Soil Modifier and MVP Turface products are ceramic particles that do not decompose or break down over time. The balanced structure and pore space it creates in any soil is permanent. Holding air, water and nutrients at the root zone, its particles act like sponges. Our soil modifier products hold their weight in water and then slowly release moisture back into the plants over time; they reduce compaction and improve drainage. Pro Time recommends the addition of Profile products to compacted and heavy clay soils for deeper root growth and resistance to drought; in sandy soils, it absorbs water and captures fertilizer nutrients that otherwise would be lost. Soil modifiers also works great in garden beds, potted plants and hanging baskets.


Pro Time carries assorted fertilizers for all of your lawn needs, including 100% organic Nature Safe fertilizer. 


Annual lime applications are beneficial to our acidic Pacific Northwest lawns by allowing nutrients to be absorbed effectively. 


The presence of moss in your lawn indicates poor growing conditions for grass. Moss grows where grass cannot survive, such as nutrient poor soil, soil with high acidity, soil that is compacted or drains poorly or where there is excessive shade or thatch accumulation. Iron, also known as ferrous sulphate, applied in winter or early spring kills moss. After the moss turns brown, rake it loose with a garden rake and remove it from the lawn.