Blue Fescue

Blue FescueFestuca glauca, is a versatile, low maintenance grass that can be used in many settings--either mown or unmown. Traditionally sold as ornamental grass with a few spaced plants in a landscape bed, blue fescue may be grown successfully from seed and adapts well to a mown turf situation. The waxy leaf covering, that contributes to the blue color of these plants, reduces water loss so the plants can survive extended droughts. The distinctive color can be used to add landscaping detail or interest in mown turf areas. The foliage is not taller than 12 inches so mowing only needs to be done to remove seedheads. It is a fine-textured, bunch type grass that will not invade other areas.

Blue fescue is perfect for environmentally sensitive sites since it requires little or no fertilization and has very low water requirements.

Features & Benefits: drought resistant, low growing, shade tolerant, blue-green color, little or no fertilizer required, very low maintenance, mowing optional, tolerates neglect, reduces disease

*Sold by the pound. Application Rate varies depending on use.

Ornamental application rate: 2 lbs per 1000 sq ft or 90 lbs per acre

Turf application rate: 4-6 lbs per 1000 sq ft or 200-250 lbs per acre