• Braco White Mustard Cover Crop
  • Braco White Mustard Cover Crop

Braco White Mustard Cover Crop

Braco white mustard (Sinapis alba) is an annual plant used as a cover crop especially where nematodes are causing problems in home gardens, cash crops, and permanent stands such as orchards and vineyards. This hard-working plant controls nematodes in two ways--by stopping reproductive development of larvae and by releasing glucosinolates which act as a natural biofumigant to kill nematodes, insects and even weed seeds.

Braco white mustard supplies all the benefits of a cover crop, which include: capturing nitrogen, controlling erosion, supplying organic matter and suppressing weeds. Grows 1-2 feet.

For maximum effect:
-Allow Braco to flower (45-60 days)
-Chop as small as possible before Braco sets seed
-Incorporate into moist soil
-Pack soil to seal off the top and trap glucosinolates in the soil
-No-till plant your crop after a minimum of 15 days

May also be chopped and left as mulch for weed suppression.

Features & Benefits: weed suppressing, nitrogen fixing, supplements soil, natural biofumigant

Application Rate: 2 lbs per 1000 sq ft or  20-25 lbs per acre

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