Profile Lawn & Landscape Porous Ceramic Soil Conditioner - 50 lbs

The best solution for lawns with compacted and heavy clay soils for deeper root growth and resistance to drought; in sandy soils, it absorbs water and captures fertilizer nutrients that otherwise would be lost. It also works great in garden beds, potted plants and hanging baskets. 

Benefits of Profile® Lawn & Landscape Soil Conditioner/Modifier:
* Improves any soil structure by holding water and oxygen in a nearly perfect 50/50 balance
* Stores nutrients, reduces leaching and holds 93% of its weight in water
* Permanently works in the soil and won't break down. 100% natural.
* Replaces other soil amendments such as peat, perlite, vermiculite and expanded shale.
* Increases oxygen in the root zone, promoting deep rooting while creating a water reservoir.

* Lawn renovation: Apply 1 bag per 200-300 square feet by raking into aeration holes
* Lawn installation: Apply 1 bag per 100-200 square feet by rototilling into top 2-3" of topsoil
* Containers: Use a minimum of 20% Soil Conditioner by volume in the growing mix
* Garden beds: Spread to 1" on top of soil; shovel or rototill into soil 4" deep. Ten pounds conditions 5 sq ft.
* Trees and shrubs: Dig hole at least twice as wide as root ball and only as deep. Pour Soil Conditioner 1" deep into bottom of hole. Mix 1 part Soil Conditioner with 4 parts soil. Plant as directed. Backfill with mixture and water.

* Sold in 50 pound bags