PT 455 Native Wet Prairie & Bioswale Mix

A native wet prairie and bioswale mix that blooms May through October and contains approximately 50% grasses, 40% perennial flowers and 10% annual flowers. Grown in Oregon from wild-collected Willamette Valley seed.

Mix Includes:
Saw-beaked Sedge - Carex stipata
One-sided Sedge - Carex unilateralis
California Oatgrass - Danthonia californica
Slender Cinquefoil - Potentilla gracilis
Straightbeak Buttercup - Ranunculus orthorhyncus
Meadow Checkerbloom - Sidalcea campestris
Hall’s Aster - Symphyotrichum (Aster) hallii
Slender Rush - Juncus tenuis
Tufted Hairgrass - Deschampsia cespitosa
Lance Self-heal - Prunella vulgaris v. lanceolata
Leichtlin’s Camas - Camassia leichtlinii
Dense Spike-primrose - Epilobium densiflorum
Oregon Sunshine - Eriophyllum lanatum
Large-leaved Avens - Geum macrophyllum
Spanish Clover - Lotus purshianus
Seablush/Rosy Plectritis - Plectritis congesta
Farewell to Spring - Clarkia amoena

Application Rate: 3 oz per 1000 square feet or 7 lbs per acre

Please contact us for trade/volume pricing and availability.


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