Pro Time Lawn Seed; Alternative Eco Lawns

Innovating greenspaces since 1979, Pro Time Lawn Seed specializes in eco-lawn seed mixes, high quality grass, native and flower seed for conventional and alternative lawns. We serve both residential and commercial customers in-store and online.

PT 769 R&R Eco-Turf Mix

Our exclusive Rough & Ready Eco-turf mix of drought tolerant grasses and Microcl...

Details $17.95

PT 701 Let It Grow Grasses, A No Mow

We consider our PT 701 Let It Grow Grasses, A No Mow Alternative an eco-lawn when le...

Details $16.95

PT 770 Water Less Eco-Lawn Mix

Our most drought-tolerant alternative lawn. We hand-mix two tall fescues, including...

Details $24.95

PT 767 Dog Park Eco-Lawn Mix

This is the lawn alternative for dog owners and Parks & Rec departments. Tall fe...

Details $17.95

PT 764 Verdant Lawn

Richly vegetative, this lawn is multi-textured with Microclover and white yarrow to...

Details $24.95

PT 301 Water Smarter

Our most drought tolerant conventional turf is a 3-way tall fescue blend, featuring ...

Details $9.95

PT 664 Bee Cause Wildflower Mix

This beneficial pollinator mix helps you create a beautiful foraging habitat for bee...

Details $8.00

Native Showy Milkweed

Our Pacific Northwest Native Showy Milkweed, Asclepias speciosa, is sourced in Orego...

Details $8.00