No Mow

These PT mixes are actually a sub-set of our Ecology & Alternative Lawn selection. Unlike most of our lawn mixes, these don't require mowing all season long.

Pro Tip: Mow or cut down in early spring every year or two to make room for tender new growth.

PT 701 Let It Grow Grasses, A No Mow Alternative

We consider our PT 701 mix an eco-lawn when left unmown. We blend five fine fescue g...

Details $16.95

PT 705 Xeriscape Lawn Alternative

Designed to form a green cover year round with little or no irrigation. From unmowed...

Details $19.95

PT 710 Flowering Xeriscape Mix

Combines the low-growing green cover of our PT 705 Xeriscape Mix with colorful wildf...

Details $24.95

PT 712 Butterfly & Hummingbird Xeriscape Mix

Features species selected to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. The low-maintenan...

Details $29.95

Blue Fescue

Blue Fescue, Festuca glauca, is a versatile, low maintenance grass that can be used...

Details $12.00