Ecology & Alternative Lawns

Perfect for the ecology lawn enthusiast and for the traditionalist looking for a low maintenance solution in their transitional areas – a great alternative to the highly manicured lawn.

All these mixes are drought tolerant, so have minimal water needs. They also contain different varieties of clover which are naturally nitrogen fixating to feed the lawn; providing year round green even under the most stressful conditions.

PT 755 Fleur de Lawn®

Fleur de Lawn® is the original flowering lawn alternative. Developed with Oregon St...

Details $16.95

PT 706 Herb de Lawn

Herb de Lawn (formerly Fragrant Herbal) is a self-supporting, earth-friendly mix, fe...

Details $16.95

PT 769 Rough & Ready

Our exclusive mix of dwarf, drought tolerant grasses and Microclover® is an eco-frie...

Details $17.95

PT 765 Verdant Lawn

Incorporates turf type tall fescues with Microclover and yarrow for increased drough...

Details $24.95

PT 799 Microclover®

Microclover® produces an environmentally friendly lawn alternative. Very little fert...

Details $16.95

PT 705 Xeriscape Mix

Designed to form a green cover year round with little or no irrigation, our PT 705 X...

Details $19.95

PT 710 Flowering Xeriscape Mix

Our PT 710 Flowering Xeriscape Mix combines the low-growing green cover of PT 705 Xe...

Details $24.95

PT 712 Butterfly & Hummingbird Xeriscape Mix

This mix features species selected to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. The low...

Details $29.95

Ergonomic Handheld Spreader Seeder

Features of our EarthWay® handheld spreader include an ergonomic comfort grip, high...

Details $22.95