Ecology & Alternative Lawns

The American lawn is changing. Adding clovers, flowers and/or herbs to traditional seed mixes results in a low-maintenance, low-input alternative lawn. Whether you face water restrictions, desire more free time, want to reduce your carbon footprint or simply want something unique, then ecology lawns are for you.

All of our eco-lawn mixes are drought-tolerant and require minimal care. Little water and fertilizer are needed after establishment. These mixes contain different varieties of clover which are naturally nitrogen-fixing, feeding the lawn and providing year-round green color even under the most stressful conditions. Many of our mixes also help create habitats for bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

In addition to all of these benefits, we find our eco-lawns to be a beautiful alternative to turf grass. Grow longer for a mini-meadow look or mow shorter for a traditional lawn appearance or for recreational activities. 

PT 755 Fleur de Lawn®

Fleur de Lawn® is the original flowering lawn alternative. Developed with Oregon St...

Details $16.95

PT 706 Herb de Lawn

Herb de Lawn (formerly Fragrant Herbal) is a self-supporting, earth-friendly mix, fe...

Details $16.95

PT 770 Water Less Eco-Lawn Mix

Our most drought-tolerant lawn alternative that water-conscience municipalities have...

Details $24.95

PT 769 Rough & Ready Eco-Turf Mix

Our exclusive mix of drought tolerant grasses and Microclover® is an eco-friendly, l...

Details $17.95

PT 767 Dog Park Eco-Lawn Mix

The lawn alternative for dog owners and Parks & Rec departments. Tall fescue pro...

Details $17.95

PT 765 Verdant Lawn

Perennial ryegrass provides quick germination. Tall fescue provides high drought tol...

Details $24.95

PT 705 Xeriscape Mix

Designed to form a green cover year round with little or no irrigation.  From unmowe...

Details $19.95

PT 799 Microclover®

Microclover® produces an environmentally friendly lawn alternative. Very little fert...

Details $16.95

PT 710 Flowering Xeriscape Mix

Combines the low-growing green cover of PT 705 Xeriscape Mix with colorful wildflowe...

Details $24.95

PT 712 Butterfly & Hummingbird Xeriscape

Features species selected to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. The low-maintenan...

Details $29.95

Ergonomic Handheld Spreader Seeder

Features of our EarthWay® handheld spreader include an ergonomic comfort grip, high...

Details $22.95

The Great Garden Cover Up - Fall Cover Crop Mix

We were inspired to create this cover crop mix on a visit to the Oregon valley to pi...

Details $7.95