About Us

Pro Time Lawn Seed is a longtime supplier of seed in the Pacific Northwest. We serve the lawn needs of homeowners as well as the commercial needs of architects, contractors and municipalities.

Sustainability and innovation are the cornerstones of our business.

In 1979 Pro Time began packaging improved varieties of grass seed for the Northwest. Our business 'grew' as our reputation for pure, innovative seed spread. We now have a variety of seeds, mixes and blends that are appropriate for planting throughout much of the United States and Canada.

Years later… we continue to innovate.

Our very popular Fleur de Lawn mix was the first commercially available low-maintenance lawn mix. Featured in Sunset magazine and many other publications, Fleur de Lawn was ahead of its time in 1990 and is as popular today as it's ever been. Check out our entire product line of ecology and alternative lawn seed on this site.

Our expert staff can help with any questions you have about lawns and seed. 

Innovating greenspaces since 1979

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