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Pro Time Lawn Seed provides alternatives for creating and renovating greenspaces that are functional, attractive and environmentally friendly. Continuing the good work of our founders at Hobbs & Hopkins, Ltd., Pro Time Lawn Seed sources and combines the best seed varietals available to exceed your expectations while supporting environmental stewardship.

Long before the word ‘alternative’ was part of the mainstream vocabulary, the company pioneered alternative lawns—low-input, low maintenance seed mixes—and continues to lead the industry at a time when water conservation is more important than ever.

Increasing awareness of climate change, urban growth and consumer demand have led us to expand our product line. In collaboration with landscape architects, designers and seed scientists, we offer the highest quality lawn seed for all types of projects.

This website contains our newest selection of mixes for eco-lawns, Pacific Northwest native seeds, wildflowers and commercial applications. We also continue to supply the most advanced conventional seed available for cool season and transition turf zones. Because we are able to hand-select improved seed varieties as presented at yearly turf trials, Pro Time mixes contain the latest genetics, selected for drought tolerance, performance, compatibility and beauty. Individual components may change, but quality and reliability remain the same year after year.

Pro Time Lawn Seed is an Oregon-certified Women Business Enterprise and Emerging Small Business. We look forward to growing with you!

Pro Time Lawn Seed

Amy Cox, Partner
Darlene Curran, Native Seed Specialist
Dawn Griffin, Partner
Josh Middleton, Partner

Our expert staff can help with any questions you have about lawns and seed. 

Innovating greenspaces since 1979

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