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Pacific Northwest Native Seed

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A significant portion of our work involves sites dedicated to reclaiming native plantings and expanding natural settings. We are proud to offer Pro Time Native Seed Mixes, as well as custom native mixes, for a variety of requirements in the Pacific Northwest. We source our seeds in Oregon and regionally - quality is never compromised.    


Native Seed Solutions

The demand for preservation of wild habitat is high, from landfills to greenways and new subdivisions on the edges of natural areas. We have developed our native seed mixes to meet this demand. Included in these mixes are grasses suitable for the successful establishment of regional plantings for a wide range of conditions.

Pro Time 400 Native Grass Mix

This mixture of native grasses is suited to a wide range of elevations and climates...

Details $24.95

Pro Time 402 Native Riparian

A native Oregon grass selection for the transitional zone in wetland sites. This mi...

Details $27.95

Pro Time 404 Native Water Quality Mix with Color

Native grasses combined with native forbs to provide stabilization and color in the...

Details $29.00

Pro Time 406 Native Water Quality Mix for Wet Areas

A combination of native grasses, sedges and rushes suitable for pond bottoms and low...

Details $57.00

Pro Time 410 Native Eastern Oregon Grass Mix

Native grasses indigenous to the east side of the Cascade Mountains. This mix inclu...

Details $29.95

Pro Time 840 Native Bio-Filter Mix

Native grasses selected for this mix provide efficient filtering where needed. These...

Details $24.75

Pro Time 902 Oregon Native Wetland Mix

Quick to establish, this mix is suitable for mitigation and restoration projects in...

Details $34.15

Pro Time 904 Oregon Native Vernal Pool Mix

Choose this mix where anaerobic soils are an issue and true native grasses are desir...

Details $43.85

PT 410 Native Grass Mix for Shade

A blend of native grasses particularly well suited for shady areas that receive less...

Details $42.65

PT 470 Clean Water Services Native Dry Area Mix

This is a mix specified by Clean Water Services of Oregon. This mix includes: *Cali...

Details $39.95

PT 499 Clean Water Services Native Wet Area Mix

A mix originally specified by Clean Water Services of Washington County, Oregon. Mi...

Details $295.00